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The School of Brokering website consists of the home pages of departments, offices, and other divisions within the school, as well as those of individual faculty, staff, and students.

Some School of Brokering pages contain links to web pages created by sources outside the school. These links do not suggest any implicit or explicit approval of or endorsement of the linked web pages and their content by SoB.


Please send mail to the college Webmaster. We cannot guarantee a reply to all comments, but we will take note of each one.

If you have a question about web content, contact the person responsible for the page/section in question through the email address/contact information provided on the specific page/section.

Web Accessibility Policy

It is the policy of the School of Brokering that all official school information published on SoB websites shall be accessible to all users. The college has adopted the access standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, as amended, and therefore all web pages containing official college information that are built, updated or revised after the effective date of this policy must comply with Section 508 requirements. Section 508 establishes only a minimum standard for accessibility and web pages; developers are encouraged to go beyond the minimum whenever possible.


For more information regarding copyright law, you are encouraged to visit the following websites:

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