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School of Brokering

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Freight Broker Training - 8 Week Program

Our 8 Week Freight Broker Training Program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to thrive in the field of brokering. Throughout the program, you will build a book of business and master the art of calculating and negotiating rates, along with effective communication strategies to engage with shippers and carriers. By delving into the intricacies of laws and regulations governing the industry, you will gain a holistic understanding of the logistics industry. This program is in person, and you will have hands-on experience, putting you in real-world scenarios where you will interact with carriers and shippers directly and familiarize yourself with load boards, Transportation Management Systems (TMS), and other software. This immersive approach ensures that you learn how to navigate the industry proficiently and develop the necessary skills to thrive and expand your career in the brokering profession. When you arrive at our facility, you will be assigned a desk equipped with a computer and headset. We will provide an introduction so you can meet the staff and your instructor, and the class will begin immediately after. When you complete our program, you will have 320 hours of hands-on experience, know how to broker freight, communicate with shippers and carriers, and have a book of business. We have resources to prepare you for work after completing our program. We also have brokerage packages available if you want to start your brokerage.




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