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School of Brokering

Freight Broker Training - 4 Weeks


Experience the convenience of learning from home and in person with our Freight Broker Training - 4 Week course. This engaging online and in-person course provides the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the steps to broker loads.


Gain valuable insights, sharpen your expertise, and kickstart a successful career as a freight broker or freight broker agent with our interactive online and in-person courses!




  • 4 Weeks In Person Freight Broker Training
  • Freight Broker Training - Online Course
  • Freight Broker Training - Workbook
  • Carrier & Shippers Scripts - Document
  • Freight Broker Community
  • Freight Broker Group
  • How to Find Carriers - Online Course
  • How to Find Shippers - Online Course
  • Go at your own pace online courses
  • Completion Certificate


In Person:


The School of Brokering offers an intensive 4 week in-person Freight Broker Training program to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the logistics industry. During the training, students will experience talking to customers and carriers on the phone, navigating the TMS and Load Board, and more. 


The curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the steps to broker a load, covering both theoretical concepts and practical applications. Students can engage with industry experts and network with peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment. 


By the end of the program, graduates emerge prepared to navigate the complexities of the transportation industry confidently. The School of Brokering's 4 week training is a valuable investment for those looking to kickstart or advance their careers in logistics. 

Freight Broker Training - 4 Weeks

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