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School of Brokering

Start a Brokerage

After completing our comprehensive freight broker training course, individuals often contemplate their next steps in the industry. You have several promising options to consider.


Firstly, you could choose to pursue a career at a brokerage firm or within the brokerage department of a reputable trucking company. This path allows you to gain valuable hands-on experience and insights into the complexities of the logistics and transportation sector.


Another avenue to explore is becoming an agent for a brokerage, leveraging your skills and knowledge to facilitate seamless transactions between shippers and carriers. Alternatively, you may feel inspired to embark on the entrepreneurial journey of establishing your very own brokerage.


This bold move allows you to build a business from the ground up, showcasing your expertise and vision within the dynamic realm of freight brokering. The School of Brokering has many packages to help you start your brokerage.

We will also teach you how to operate and grow it. Review the packages on this page to see which package is right for you. 

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