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School of Brokering

Disclaimer of Earnings

Last updated on March 29, 2024

School of Brokering, LLC believes in providing our clients with an accurate and transparent representation of our products and services. We want to emphasize that we are not offering any business opportunities, and we do not guarantee any specific level of income, success, or job opportunities. The level of success one can achieve varies significantly due to various factors, such as market conditions, individual skills, and economic trends.

Hence, we strongly recommend conducting your due diligence before purchasing or using our information, products, and services. Our offerings are for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. By using our offerings, you agree that School of Brokering, LLC, along with our staff and sponsors, will not be held liable for any success or failure you may experience.

We want to clarify that any testimonials or examples shared are the author's opinions and should not be interpreted as a guarantee that others will achieve the same results. We believe in complete transparency and honesty and want our clients to make informed decisions based on their research and judgment.

Additionally, any earnings and income statements made by School of Brokering, LLC, or our affiliates are estimates or examples only and should not be considered income claims. The actual results may vary depending on various factors, and we do not guarantee any level of success or income.

It is important to note that agency placement is facilitated through a third-party freight brokerage. School of Brokering, LLC, and our staff cannot be held responsible for any matters related to agency opportunities or agreements. We maintain a professional approach in providing this information to ensure transparency and clear communication.

School of Brokering, LLC is committed to providing our clients with accurate and transparent information and services. We empower our clients to make informed decisions based on their research and judgment.

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